About Us

The company “GERA” was established in 1992. The main activity of the company is the production of bathroom furniture – cupboards with built-in sinks and mirror modules with and without built-in lighting. Characteristic of the entire range of products is the complete water resistance of all input materials as well as the products themselves. The furniture is made of PVC and UPS / impact resistant polystyrene / – waterproof materials with high reliability and long life. All products have an effective decorative coating of high quality waterproof polyurethane lacquers and moisture-resistant crystal mirrors from leading European manufacturers. The furniture of “GERA” has a unique design in the style of modern interior solutions. In addition to series production, the company designs and manufactures custom-made furniture. Various color solutions have been developed according to the color range of the world’s leading sanitary ware manufacturers.

Our Products

All products produced by the company have a 36-month written warranty.
Warranty and out of warranty service is also provided.

The company “GERA” manufactures, supplies and assembles shower trays and screens made of high-quality thermo-glazed float glass.

A series of products from transparent, frosted and printed glass has been developed.

The company manufactures and executes individual orders according to customer’s order of shower cabins and screens, according to the individual characteristics of the room.

In addition to the production of furniture, shower cabinets and screens, our company offers services for companies dealing with advertising. Our high-tech milling cutter allows precision cut-outs of rectilinear and curvilinear molds of polystyrene (1-10 mm thick), PVC (1-20 mm thick), Plexiglas (thickness 1-10 mm) and PVC (thickness of 3 -20mm).

Static screens

Cabs with sliding doors; partition glass, sliding doors; doors with a standard opening of 90 ̊ (one sided) or 180 ̊ (double-sided), as well as glass partitions with a harmonic opening;

Glass doors for bathrooms, rooms, offices and other premises;

The glass can be transparent, matte and bronze (brown glass, which also allows to be matt). At client’s request, it is possible to perform a matt scheme.

Besides the above mentioned variants, it is possible to make combinations depending on the location and the desire of the client.

Fitted by leading world manufacturers